What is Epilepsy?

One of the most misunderstood diseases throughout human history, Epilepsy is a tough condition to deal with but is curable. Epilepsy is a non-communicable and complex neurological disorder of the brain. It is characterized by abnormal brain activities and repeated seizures in the sufferer, that can cause unusual and involuntary sensations and movements and may lead to fainting and general/partial paralysis. 

Difference between Epilepsy and Seizures

Seizures are the principal symptoms of an underlying epileptic condition, but all seizures are not epileptic. Many things can provoke a seizure-like response in your body, including injury trauma and acute stress.

Seizures are generally taken as epileptic if two or more happen without any identifiable trigger in the span of 24 hours. However, seizures too are neurological occurrences and require medical assessment for proper treatment and recovery. 

If you experience a seizure/seizures, with or without identifiable causes, contact a medical professional now. At Premier Neurology, we conduct thorough investigation of your extent conditions and specific medical histories to devise a treatment and care plan that is just right for you. 

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