What is a headache?

Headache is an umbrella term for many separate and varied conditions, all characterized by some sort of pain and discomfort in head-neck-face region. the intensity, location, duration, and after-effects of headaches can vary greatly based on their triggers and the specific physiological distinctions of the person experiencing the pain.

Headaches can be symptoms of other underlying medical conditions, or they can be distinct conditions in themselves. The latter are called primary headaches and are treated as separate conditions - such as Migraine and tension headaches. The former are called secondary headaches, because they are typically an expression of a different underlying condition, like a head or neck injury, or a sinus infection. 

All of these have vastly different treatments and management needs. It is important to distinguish between them through thorough check-up in order to provide fruitful treatment.

Migraine versus headaches

Migraine is a specific neurological condition that has severe headaches as a primary symptom. Since most Migraine attacks It is easy to confuse Migraine with other types of headaches, and rely on painkillers, which a lot of sufferers continue to do. A through check-up with your medical history and relevant tests is necessary to determine what kind of headache you are suffering, and what is the right treatment for that.

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