A Twitter thread by writer Erynn Brook went viral recently, where she speaks about a girl she met on a train. She witnessed the girl having multiple seizures on the train and later helped her reach home. 

The main thrust of the post was the need for empathy and kindness, but we are concerned with a different observation Brooks made about that situation. The girl on the train was travelling alone, but she carried a detailed and elaborate seizure-safety plan. It held details of the nature of her seizures, how long they typically last, how often they may occur, what to do in case it occurs, and when to seek medical help. It was thorough enough to help Brook understand everything she needs to help the girl in that situation. But she also makes an important observation:

"She was fully prepared to go it alone. I didn’t help her, not really. My job was to make sure that no one interrupted her getting to her door."

Brook is right. Kind strangers like her are rare these days, and anyway, nobody may be at hand to help at all when a seizure strikes. You can either sit at home and pray that nothing hits you, or you can plan for it and take the necessary steps to ensure you lead a normal life, as this anonymous girl did. 


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