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Neuropathy is a condition that leads to widespread nerve damage, most commonly in the nerves outside of your brain and spinal cord (peripheral neuropathy). Because neuropathy leads to burning, tingling, numbness, and other issues that can lower your quality of life, Syed Hussaini, MD, MPH, at Premier Neurology in Rockwall and Dallas, Texas, provides research-driven treatment solutions. If you suffer from neuropathy, don’t delay in booking your evaluation. You can book an appointment online or over the phone with either office.

Neuropathy Q & A

Neuropathy is known for causing pain and other issues that become so severe, you struggle with muscle weakness and discomfort while trying to perform the simplest of tasks. If you have neuropathy, these are some of the risk factors and causes:

  • Kidney failure
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Exposure to toxins 
  • Autoimmune disease 
  • Chronic alcohol abuse 
  • Diabetes (diabetic neuropathy)
  • Inflammatory or infectious diseases 
  • Cancer treatments (chemo-induced neuropathy)

In some cases, hereditary issues may be to blame. No matter what’s causing your neuropathy, you have treatment options available at Premier Neurology. 

The symptoms you experience with neuropathy depend on which nerves are damaged. Your peripheral nervous system carries information to and from your brain and spinal cord to other areas of your body, meaning your neuropathy symptoms can be widespread. 

You should schedule a neuropathy evaluation at Premier Neurology if you have any of the following issues:

  • Numbness, prickling, or tickling in your extremities
  • Sharp or stabbing pains in your limbs
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch and heat
  • Excessive or nonexistent sweating
  • Abnormal blood pressure changes
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control 
  • Partial, temporary paralysis
  • Muscle weakness 

To get to the root of why you have neuropathy, your provider at Premier Neurology may recommend a nerve conduction study or electromyography, as well as blood tests, so they can help you find an effective solution. 

After diagnosing you, your doctor at Premier Neurology counsels you about your condition and which treatment paths will be most effective. To resolve your neuropathy symptoms, you may need any of the following therapies:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain medications 
  • Lidocaine patches
  • Vitamin supplementation
  • Medications to block nerve conduction
  • Antidepressant or antiseizure medications 
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

Even though it’s uncommon, sometimes surgery is the best solution for resolving neuropathy. Your neurologist can perform procedures to relieve pressure on nerves to help you experience lasting relief. 

Before suffering from neuropathy pain another day, contact Premier Neurology for an evaluation. Click on the online scheduling tool or call the location nearest you to book a visit.


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